Create Your Corporate Photo Book

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Corporate Photo Books

It is a great idea to create a corporate photo book. This can be from candid photos taken around the workplace, photos taken at outings and inclusions of special events within the workplace. The idea is to capture great moments that mean something for the company. The photos will be good memories of a year in the past, making progress as a team. Not only are these ideal gift ideas, but they are fun just for employees to have as a reminder of how great the group of people they work with are.

Office Yearbooks

Office yearbooks are fun, and capture great moments in photographs. This can show new employees as they progress in the office, veteran employees teaching new hires or anything work related. The funnier the better. Each employee would purchase a photo book and take it to their colleagues for signatures and messages.  These are memories that last a lifetime as you do become a family when you stay at a job for a period of years.

Retiree Gift

As an employee prepares to retire, it is a nice gesture to offer them a photo book of their career with the company, no matter how long or short it was. Photo books can be as little as 20 pages or as many as 100 pages. Be sure to include a handwritten letter thanking the employee for his or her service and years of dedication to the company.

Corporate photo books are items that employees and company executives can enjoy for a lifetime. It is ideal for a copy of each photo book to be kept on file in the company President’s office.  Reminiscing does help boost morale when things get tough and it helps executives to bring out the spirit in employees to accept challenges, new policies and new products.